This is a free,on line, UK self assessment tax calculator. It is ideal for getting a quick idea of how much Income tax might be due under the self assessment regime.


Use as self employment income tax calculator, savings income tax calculator, employment income or salary tax calculator, rental Income tax calculator.

Self assessment for individuals is the processes via which you declare all your known income for the year to HMRC and thereafter obtain a figure for the tax payable for that financial year. Thus the self assessment process will collate your income from full time employment, self employment, investment income, pension income and other sources of taxable income. This self assessment tax calculator only handles some of the more common and material forms of personal income.

Not everyone has to file a self assessment tax return in the UK. UK Tax returns are required of UK residents whose taxable income has not being subject to income tax under PAYE in the UK, who are resident for tax in the UK. You should check with HMRC to verify your residency status.
You can also check to see whether you need to file a tax return.

This self assessment tax calculator does not take into account the great number of variables that will apply to each individuals tax affairs. However, it should give you a rough idea on what to expect. If you need to have your self assessment return filed, do call us .
These calculations are only estimates and not a substitute for professional advice.
While every effort has been made to ensure that the calculator yields accurate results, we do not guarantee that it will handle every scenario.
This calculator is available to use as is and no warranty explicit or implied is attached to the use of the calculator. North London Accountancy Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or injury suffered from the use of this calculator .

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