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If you are  self employed and completing self assessment, there are a number of self assessment deadlines that you should keep in mind always.

31st October : This is currently the self assessment deadline for paper returns if you prefer these. Beyond this date, you would have to submit your tax return on line.  For self employed people,  The only likely exceptions to this deadline are where you receive a written instruction stating otherwise from HMRC.

31st January: Current, this is the self assessment deadline for on line returns.  On line filing can be via commercial software or using the HMRC portal. At this stage, a self employed person , would usually  get penalised for submitting a paper return . The 31st January is also the due date for the balancing payment of the previous years tax liability and the first payment on account for the financial year you’re in.

31st July:This is the due date for your second payment on account, for the year ended the previous 5th April .

Its important to note that these self assessment deadlines can and do change , and its up to the tax payer to comply with the extant  filing deadlines.

Its also a good idea to keep in contact with HMRC to reconcile the figures in your account with them.

We would be happy to assist you with your personal tax filing needs and would complete the returns and process the filing for you. plus we’d give you the amount due to be paid to HMRC. Plus, here at North London Accountancy, we have the experience of handling correspondence with HMRC, including reconciling your tax liability  figures with the tax man.


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